This past weekend New York City celebrated its third annual Afro-Latino Festival. The Afro-Latino Festival seeks to celebrate the contributions that the people of African descent of Latin America and the Caribbean have made to the city and the global stage. This summer cultural event consisted of an array of local and international artists, entrepreneurs, academics, and community leaders. During the three-day festival attendees enjoyed conferences, culinary presentations, and artistic performances.

Cultural events like these have come out of the need for a just form of representation. The Pew Research Center reported that of a sample of 1,520 Hispanic adults 24% self identified as Afro-Latino. Contrary to common myth latinidad and blackness are not mutually exclusive. Latinos have demanded that the United Census recognize Afro-Latinidad in order to prevent ostracizing latinos by forcing them to separate their identity. Latin American countries have also begun to recognize their Afro-Latino populations, in 2015 Mexico recognized its Afro-Mexican population by including an afro category.