Would you like to spend the next six months helping us transform the publishing industry? As a startup publishing company, we have big dreams. We are passionate about sharing stories, engaging readers and supporting writers across the African Diaspora. With so many stories waiting to be told, we are looking for people who share our passions to help us in our mission.
We are currently offering three and six month fellowships, commencing in October 2016. To apply for a fellowship, you must be interested in a future in the publishing industry and/or passionate about writing, books and storytelling. If you would like to join us, pick from one of the following fellowships:
You will help us develop works for publication. You need to be creative – able to come up with ideas and develop them to their full potential. You will ideally have editorial experience, specifically proofreading, copy-editing and giving feedback to writers.
Writing (Writers & Poets)
For the first time we are looking for both accomplished and aspiring writers to complete fellowships with us. You will get the chance to push yourself as a writer and get feedback on your work.
You love literature and you are eager to learn more about writers from across the African Diaspora and the issues that they write about. Help us uncover the richness of our literary world and develop future publications.
We appreciate the power of images to tell stories and design is a central part of our storytelling at The Jeli. You will help us design material and artwork to inspire and delight our community of readers and writers.
Social Media/Marketing
Although we love them, we are passionate about our storytelling not being limited to ebooks. From Twitter to Instagram and everywhere in between, you will help us develop content for new and innovative forms of social media storytelling.

We are also looking for fellows with skills in the following areas:
  • Business Development
  • Audio/Visual
  • Web Development (WordPress)

To apply for any of the above, send your CV/resume/portfolio and a cover letter to team@thejeli.com.

The deadline for applications is Friday 30th September 2016 but we advise you to apply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.