Jeliya is a new literature, art and culture magazine brought to you by The Jeli. We’re on a mission to tell and share stories, just like the jelis of old. We’re taking their tradition of oral storytelling into the digital age with ebooks, videos, an online magazine and much more. Just as the word jeli, means “griot” or “storyteller”, jeliya means “the art of storytelling”. Thus, we invite you to explore the art of storytelling with us;  share your recent works in creative writing as well as opinion pieces and reviews on your latest findings in art, culture and books by and about African and African-descended people. Jeliya aims to amplify voices throughout the African diaspora while making all forms of art and storytelling more accessible to audiences around the world. Come work with us!


What we are looking for

Jeliya will accept written works in the following categories:

  • Creative writing: short stories, poems and reflection pieces
  • Art, film and book reviews
  • Interviews with writers, artists and other creatives
  • Opinion pieces and write-ups on events in the worlds of art and culture, as they pertain to the African Diaspora


How to submit

If you are interested in submitting to Jeliya, please read the following guidelines on formatting before completing the submission form. If you are interested in submitting a piece that does not fit into the parameters described above, click on “other” in the contributor form and provide a brief description of your piece.

All submissions should be single-spaced in 12 pt font, Times New Roman typeface and saved as a shareable Google document. Contributors will be asked to provide a link to their submissions. When providing this link, please ensure that you have provided all permissions necessary for our team to view your work in Google Docs.

Please check and double-check for any grammar and spelling errors.


Articles, Reviews and Short Stories

All non-fiction works should be no longer than 1500 words maximum.


Poems are not subject to any word limit. Writers should submit 2-4 poems for our team to review. Save all poems together in the same file and and separate them with page breaks. Denote the title of each poem by underlining it in your submission. Due to the limits of HTML formatting, we  will not be able to accommodate non-traditional formatting and alignment or line-breaks. We ask that poems be aligned either left or center.

Images and External Content

Images should be saved as a JPEG file. Please cite sources for all images included in your piece. Citations should note the photographer’s name, as well as a link to their website, portfolio or social media if available. Photo files can be embedded in your submission for our team to format before publishing.

All other quoted and externally-referenced information should be cited via hyperlink to a reputable source.



Each quarter our team will find the three most-viewed articles on the blog. If your work is in the top three, you will receive a £50 voucher towards Books Africana purchases.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Click here to submit you work to our team.